Tuesday's Tea Party Co-Host

❤ How it works 
❤Cost to participate is $3.50 per month 
❤ Agree to co-host for 1 month = 1 blog post per week (4-5 total)
❤ Up to 6 Co-Host a Month
❤ Join the Facebook Group (below) to receive HTML
❤ Once HTML is available, copy & paste it into a new blog post (make sure your in HTML editing) and schedule the post for Tuesday at 12 am PST.

❤ Benefits of Co-Hosting
❤ More exposure = more traffic
❤ Backlinks
❤ Links on the ad giveaway rafflecopter
❤ I do all the work!

❤❤❤ Get Started! ❤❤❤
Pay, load your badge & blog URL here: 
(pay no attention to the date it says you start, I will adjust it)

❤ Enter your social media info here: 

❤ Promote! Promote! Promote! on your social media!

❤ Facebook Group 
❤ Join my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AdventureIntoDomesticland/

❤ Group doc with current co-host:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/AdventureIntoDomesticland/doc/487803624620375/

❤ Each week the new HTML code will be posted. (Your name will be linked to it)

❤ Ad Space Giveaway
❤ If you would like to add to the advertising space, please mention that in the space provided on the sign-up form.

❤ Please make sure to give me as much info about your ad space as possible:
Name of ad (if you have one), Dimensions, Price, Length of run time, Link to your advertising page (if you have one)

Thanks for making this party a big hit!!


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  1. Replies
    1. You are very welcome, I rather enjoy in myself. Glad to have you!

  2. Replies
    1. Howdy, I got your request for the FB group but I didn't get this form. Make sure to fill it out so I can schedule you in. Thanks!

  3. It was awesome to co-host with you, so I signed up again!

  4. Thanks for the opportunity! Love your hop and all you do :)

  5. Does your post have to be about anything specific to co-host?

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  7. Thanks a lot for providing with such an excellent opportunity.I wish to be a actual beneficiary! I tweeted it for your cause.